B2B needs more / better communications

Chris giving away secrets again...


When you are CREATING DEMAND, you're moving ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) buyers through a buying cycle at scale, at their own pace & in the ways that they want.

That's it.

Here are 8 things to consider when transitioning from Lead Gen to Demand Gen:

1. You must understand your customers deeply to message in ways that truly resonate.

2. Creative is your secret weapon. Figure out how to communicate effectively in places where your buyers consume content.

3. Sustained attention from your ICP buyers is the objective. Segment appropriately & build something people LOVE.

4. The CONSUMPTION & IMPACT of the content is what matters. Very few marketers measure these metrics because they aren't incentivized to.

5. You may need new TALENT. Figure out what skills you need & fill the gaps.

6. You need to change your expectations on time. Educating buyers so they have a real DESIRE TO BUY takes longer than collecting email addresses for an e-book to do outbound sales.

7. You need new ways to measure marketing. Changing from lead gen to demand gen will always fail unless you change your metrics first.

8. Volume of content matters. My LinkedIn content wouldn't be as successful if I only published 1 video per month. Find qualitative signals for success (audience feedback) then scale volume.

Thank You Refine Labs.



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