Don't Compromise... Negotiate

Never Split the Difference shows how to win negotiations and communicate more influentially. 

Chris Voss perfected his techniques over 25 years at the FBI, negotiating with kidnappers and terrorists. He says we should work with emotions not just reason, demonstrate empathy, use open-ended questions and educate ourselves about cognitive biases.

1. Negotiate through emotion rather than just reason

2. Listen deeply to understand their worldview

3. Summarize their position back to them to demonstrate empathy

4. Verbally label what they are thinking and feeling out loud

5. List the worst accusations they may say, and address them upfront

6. Talk with a slow, calm, clear voice like a late night radio show host

7. Ask open-ended questions to disagree without disagreeing

8. Gain leverage by watching out for unexpected valuable information

9. Learn to use cognitive biases to create leverage out of thin air

Watch Chris describe how a hostage negotiation is like dealing with a business 



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