What Do You Want To See?

 What are you observing?
That inspires you... That ticks you off?
That takes advantage of what you know and do?
That you can make a living at?

And you are going to make the world a better place? 
These are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by the UN

My whole life I have been watching people try to do things better... and mostly accept the way it's done as the right way. Since I naturally think "off-center" (yay ADD!), I am inspired by the novel idea, the other perspective, the path less taken. My favorite people are the dreamers and complainers... but they are also the fixers ...they do something about it.  

So, I am focusing on that gap between new ideas/solutions/expectations and the old broken "best practices."  

I am focusing on #9 "Innovation and Infrastructure" and #17 "Partnerships for the Goal." If companies can get these right, then they can manage their decisions to actually DO the right things.

The next steps is to decide what systems are working and what needs to be updated or replaced. Remember, the status quo deserves to be regularly re-evaluated. I love people that WANT to think about what should be left to history... and what should be brought forward as legacy.

The new attitudes and technologies around the Innovation Industry is where I am testing these opportunities to do well by doing good. What companies are we proud of? What community initiatives are priorities? Let's talk... 617-331-7852

Here are 2 of many that can help:

- Innovation360 - The CEO, Magnus Penker, of this global Innovation Management System has a made an awesome offer of free use his services for the right projects

- Nuarca is a system architecture studio that can re-build. 20% of their solution is leveraging the exponential opportunities of Blockchains Distributed Ledger Technologies. See an intro to them and this space here.


Where are the fast followers that are worth helping?

Where are the needs?

The technology innovation (what we do) opportunity is in low Digital and high productivity growth in: Hospitality, Healthcare, Entertainment and Recreation, and Real Estate.

How are you thinking about this?

My wife and www.DavidMartin.world (in that order) motivate a more thoughtful me.

Brigham suggests this perspective https://www.mindful.org/why-do-we-feel-awe/ 

Steve Jurvetson (crazy/successful investor) says this in a video interview about being on the right side of history, " When you invest in a passion-driven business, a mission-driven business, the employees love it, the partners love it, the customers love it and evangelize your product and service. Everything about it pays dividends in ways you can’t quantify at the front-end."

Jules has food for thought... well, actually, more of a banquet, in his still relevant 2016 State of the Digital Nation. Then he looks deeper at the new opportunities in the Startup market to be yourself.  Read his 2020 update.  

I believe the way forward is to remember what we value from our past... my first blog post in 2000 attempted this http://bit.ly/WhyShouldWeBlog

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