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At the end of his advice on very specific stats, John shares these epic (in your face) direct quotes:

I get 10-15 naive emails every week. Email agency promotion is often lazy. They need to attract me and my peers the way I would expect them to attract my customers, not pound on their doors.
I hate unsolicited, automated emails going to others in my office asking if they can connect the solicitor with the person responsible for marketing related. Do your own due diligence. It doesn't reflect well on an agency if they aren't going to do their own research rather than wasting the time of my colleagues.
Call me old school but pick up the phone and call. When I get an unsolicited email, it feels like a lazy approach to me. The last new agency I considered working with was one who called me on the phone. They took the time to learn who I was, reviewed my profile on Linked in, and then picked up the phone and called.
Stop asking about my company's marketing/advertising initiatives. Stop requesting 15 mins of my time to schedule another call with someone else at the agency. Be practical and show what your capabilities can do for my company - be proactive, be relevant!
Don't send an email; it will get deleted. Show me your capabilities in a unique way that will stop me and want to find out more.
Try showing me other similar clients you've worked with, and I will pay attention
Offer me unique insights in a quarterly communication that shows me you understand what I face, how business is changing. Do it in sensitive ways so I can learn about your unique agency capabilities and be more open to your unsolicited calls.
Do Great Work. Stay in Touch. Learn What's Important to Me. Pitch How You Can Help Me Achieve What's Important.
Be really clear on how you are the best at a certain something that is relevant to the client's needs - i.e., discipline, industry, lifecycle, cause, etc.
Research the company first. Know their size in revenue, know their products, services, brand, etc. Visit their stores (if possible) or at least visit the website. Shop it. Sign up for emails, loyalty program, etc. invest a little time to truly understand the company. Don't treat me like everyone else. If you want my attention and business, you have to earn it.
Don't brag about doing work for big brands (if you are soliciting a small brand) like Nike, Coke, Home Depot. We don't have the budget nor the resources, and it turns us off. Be respectful and do the back-end work and you will be pleasantly surprised.
Stop the madness with the cold-calling and repeated cold-emails. Stop sending emails to my boss or CEO. That infuriates me as CMO. They just send them to me anyway and shows you care less about developing a relationship with me and more that you are not interested in being a partner. Find a personal connection instead.

Truth hurts? Good. Read it and Reap.

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