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FYI - Creative Chaos is concentrating on helping small/midsize Development Agencies with Website development and mobile apps. We also help the most ambitious full-service Marketing Agencies and Management and Strategy Consultants confident enough (to stay in the game). See

Below is info on our Agency observations and research highlights from these reports that are mostly about Marketing Agencies:

Good News... There is Business...

But what is preventing Agency growth?...
Too many agencies / low profitability / client cost conscious / growth of in-house skills / complicated communications environment / too many platforms.

Creative Chaos can help with an Agency's NEW growth opportunities. We increase your capabilities (and keep your costs down) so you can look for AND deliver on your promises for wider and deeper solutions. 

Do you see the opportunities beyond Marketing?... to help innovate and build your client's new products/services and solutions across their enterprise and ecosystem.There is less competition when you diversify your capabilities to stand out and add real value about what your client CEO is focused on. Read one of our posts about how the Management Consultants are really helping their (your!) clients.

Some Facts:

These are the services with the most Agencies:

But which one's are directly related to client's net new revenue? (FYI, Creative Chaos can help everyone, but particularly the Red shops)...
1. Advertising
2. Branding
3. Marketing Strategy
4. Web
5. Digital Strategy
6. Social Media
7. Public Relations
8. Search SEO / PPC
9. Direct Marketing
10. Design Strategy

FYI: The five top upward trending services are Direct Marketing, Email Marketing, Search SEO/PPC, Inbound Marketing, and Healthcare Marketing

Again, the opportunities are beyond "Marketing."

The bottom line
If an agency is to survive, they are going to have to look at opportunities as they might look at a financial investment. You need to ask yourself if the project is the path to bigger and better things long-term. Are there multiple brands or divisions? How much visibility will this initial project get you? Do you have an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the client’s business? Not suggesting that you have to lose money on an initial project. It is just a matter of changing the way you look at the potential of a client engagement. Marketers are changing the way they look at you. You need to do the same with them.

67% of marketers state they have an in-house agency supporting their business… mostly positive collaboration (so we can fit into the flow)

MARKETERS CONTINUE TO USE PROJECT WORK TO “SAMPLE” AGENCIES! Get more opportunities by going deeper and wider with techdev partners.

Greater difficulty in obtaining new business reflect the rapidly expanding media channels and technology and the vetting for expertise in them. It all makes for more competition.

Flexibility and nimbleness is key. And so is the willingness to work with an internal team and the willingness to have to work your way from more projects to larger and more consistent assignments with marketers.

How to differentiate your Agency?... primarily in the relative importance of key deliverables, like “strategy,” “innovative ideas,” “experience,” and “marketing efficiency.”

We stress the importance of agencies being good strategic business partners and not just good creative suppliers. With so many agencies offering so many of the same things, being able to speak to smart strategy and “experience” can set your firm apart from others that, on the surface, look very much alike.

Why do client marketers look for new agencies?  

Two of the reasons relate to innovation/bringing new ideas to the table and keeping the client ahead of the technology curve.

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