Going Beyond Incremental Innovation

Excellent assessment of why and how to move beyond "Incremental Innovation" from John Bessant and the International Association of Innovation Professionals - http://www.iaoip.org/

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  • It’s all about being in the situation, open to all sorts of cues, watching and sensing what is going on rather than trying to impose rules and order, or work with prior patterns. This isn't a spectator sport!
  • It’s about being in there early, able to sense what is going on and begin to detect emergent patterns.
  • It’s about being there actively, trying probes and learning from what comes back – nudging the system to see what happens and then using prototypes as learning experiments.
  • Failure is valuable under these conditions because it teaches us what not to do and how to focus the next experiment – a probe and learn approach.
  • Success means trying a little more of whatever it was you did, using processes of feedback and amplification. 





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