Who are your most Client-Centric Partners?

Thanks AdAge for commentary on the fight for business budgets across our industry. The winners will be the most client-centric Partners.

Here is their latest POV:

"(Agencies)... must manage marketing across devices and serve customized ads to specific audiences based on real-time analysis of constantly changing data. That data must inform creative, CRM and media buying strategies tied to new commerce and brand experiences. At the nexus of this confusing and continually evolving mashup of business operations and marketing are clients, who need a partner to help them stave off their own impending winter.

The question is, who will be that partner? Will it be the holding companies as we know them today, like WPP, Omnicom and Publicis Groupe? Will it be a consultant like Accenture or a media owner or e-tail giant? A marketing services specialist that does not exist today or even a mobile carrier?"

Some thoughts from interviews...



agencies will need to have similar ending points. "We're going to need to be much more accountable to our clients for results, by which I mean sales," said Mr. Read. "Part of this means we need to use technology and data to track our work to sales.

He's also not underestimating the massive consultants. "Already the CMOs are dipping into tech dollars," said Mr. Suh. "That's the reason why Accenture and other tech companies are getting into the marketing business.

fewer silos between disciplines and more "t-shaped" creative talent that can use technology, that team in the future could be as small as five people.

integrated agencies will be led by a "creative technology content partner." On that account team will be a technologist, distribution expert and storyteller

the rise of the marketing technologist as being a fundamental person on the team

 digital media and tech platforms Facebook and Google as "frenemies."
"They have the wherewithal" to compete with agencies, said Prophet's Mr. Suh. "It's surprising they haven't done it better. Much of it is because agencies control the money; they don't want to piss off agencies."

Amazon to me is the dark horse in all of this," he said. "It controls the entire programmatic funnel." The company "also owns content and e-commerce, is a recommendation engine to e-commerce and transactions and delivery and has persistent consumer identity. 

Wireless Telco have lots of control over the customer.

This is the Agency's Holding Companies' opportunity ...

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