Latest Reading/Thinking List

AI and the future of design (O'Reilly Media) - Designers  provide the missing link between AI and humanity... and we are all Designers... So, step up, it's on you!

We need more creative warriors not worriers (Dan Douglass) - Mastery of data will NOT replace the "Big Ideas" that will change the world, inspire a movement, or capture a truly personal feeling that makes us give a damn... because Creativity is Queen.

Hot List of Trends and Technologies (Innovation Leader) - Yes drones... but also words like transient identity and decentralized authentication!

(Book) Madison Avenue Manslaughter: An Inside View of Fee-Cutting Clients, Profithungry Owners and Declining Ad Agencies (Farmer) - Know your fees, resources, and workflow details... or die.

(Book) Artificial Intelligence for Marketing: Practical Applications (Sterne) - History Lesson: Advertising became Marketing became Technology. Accept it.

My advice? Mix the right bourbon with real lemonade... put your feet up... and enjoy...





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