Ecosystem Evolutions

Customers choose the paths of least resistance.. Are you watching the paths change, converge, disappear?

Think about your own purchasing changes disrupt markets and middlemen - online, thru your phone... banking, music, consolidated grocers. Now see the sales in the largest circles below:

Here is an excerpt from McKinsey's assessment and advice around consolidating industry ecosystems:

... an increasing number of industries will converge under newer, broader, and more dynamic alignments: digital ecosystems. A world of ecosystems will be a highly customer-centric model, where users can enjoy an end-to-end experience for a wide range of products and services through a single access gateway, without leaving the ecosystem. Ecosystems will comprise diverse players who provide digitally accessed, multi-industry solutions. The relationship among these participants will be commercial and contractual, and the contracts (whether written, digital, or both) will formally regulate the payments or other considerations trading hands, the services provided, and the rules governing the provision of and access to ecosystem data.






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