MAB15 - The Some Is Greater Than The Parts

Tuesday June 27th, 2017
MAB15 was about Co-Marketing to Grow Your Agency!

Because, the SOME is greater than the parts. Get it? ... the "sum" in working in sync for exponential value, pulling in the same direction. Co-marketing is a team sport!

Our no-stage-panel format inspired discussion on all the hot topics of co-marketing with your most compatible clients between Agencies and between their clients. Such as:
- co-hosting events with other agencies
- writing case studies alongside clients
- co-pitching new business with vendor partners, etc.

Here's a shot of the action with Playground Moderator Chris Merrill, @RebeccaMJoyner, Steve @36creative Gabriel, and @davidcutler (and in zen motorcycle maintenance spirit... Russ @growthspark Bayelor)

Watch for our next event!

Here we are sharing and preparing and building our strength for a kick-ass panel discussion.


The best company matches seem obvious... because they are! Such as:
Genius and Spotify, Apple and IBM WPP and AdobeSnapchat and Square.

The #1 goal is to build awareness. So partners must agree to a plan for distribution of the project through their best channels: shared media-buying budgets, industry influencers, and coordinated social media content (choose hashtags and landing page URLs... and a timetable for mutual likes, re-tweets, pokes, etc.).

OK, The other #1 goal is (should be) to grow revenue. Decide on the results you and your partner want. Focus on just a few key metrics and what is an actual conversion... attendance, sales leads, shares, customer appreciation points, etc. Be specific, track everything you can, and decide who is responsible for what (and who is better at which elements).

Focus Focus Focus. Agree on your mutual target audience persona. It is ALL about them so create custom material for these users. Focus on their experience.

Plan Plan Plan. Have a single person at each company be the decision-maker. Depending on their personalities, it might be better if they are at equal position levels - since there are usually inevitable fairness issues - such as, who owns the CMS, email automation, CRM, and analytics? Who is following up with users, with what, and when? Use a collaborative platform such as Google Docs/Spreadsheets to check details. One item is making sure all media, collateral, and assets are co-branded - landing pages, ad copy, calls-to-action, emails, names tags, etc. etc. etc!

Make the most memorable message. Your user message is what they will remember and be motivated by. The right partners usually have similar values that help define your creative positioning and attitude. DO NOT let this go unsaid... both of you should brainstorm around your mutual respect and passion for the co-marketing project.

At the very least, learn. De-brief with your partner. Get beyond blame/credit and assess who did what best, what worked and what didn't. How could you have supported each other better? What technologies could have made it easier and more effective? (this is what we help you build and manage at Creative Chaos)

50/50 or Fail. You both should act like you want each other to succeed. Put it in writing and let your expenses, resource allocation (i.e. team focus time), and business models support it. Most projects start with one larger company leading the charge. If that's you, don't be a bully.

Remember to have fun and that you are taking the big jump together!

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