A.I. - Last but Fastest

Don't you love looking at charts with dramatic shifts? ... This one is the "Before" chart ... A.I. will be everywhere in a couple of years!

Artificial Intelligence (a cool way of saying Computer Automation) is the fastest growing marketing technology in terms of planned usage, however. Another 27% of respondents said they plan to use AI over the next 2 years. That tops all of the other tools specified, which ranged from 17-23% planning adoption, with email and analytics (among the most-used) on the lower end of planned usage and the Internet of Things on the higher end.

Were marketers to follow through on their artificial intelligence plans, adoption in marketing would jump by 53% over the next couple of years. In sum, almost 8 in 10 respondents are either using AI or plan to in the next 2 years. That would still put AI use behind the rest of the tools, but would nonetheless place it squarely in the mainstream.
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