Boston, The World's Incubator

Jay loves Boston
Jay is leaving Boston
Jay nails Boston

So Long, Boston, and Thanks for All the Robotic Fish


And in what are we BEST? Germinating powerful new ideas. Teaching transformative new skills. And, yes, even rallying for revolutions, both figurative and literal. (Few cities can say that.)

Boston provides the foundation and the lab. It’s a place to think, tinker, learn, and launch. It’s the best place to start.

If you want to build a sturdy career or an unassailable company, start here.

If you want to cut your teeth or learn your craft to be able to do big things, start here.

We embrace the early. We relish in the raw. And we operate in the ugly. Even those notable companies Boston lost — Facebook, Reddit, Dropbox, and others— should be celebrated. They started here, and we take pride in the starting of things.

= = =

A few notes on why...

- We educated intellectuals feel entitled to what we conjur
          So we whine about wisdom letting us down
- All those damn kids makes the adults feel like the grownups
          So we lose our creative mojo
- Boston has an inferiority complex since we are on the upper-upper East Side of Manhattan

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