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6 Key Findings from Mobile Marketing Association's Report on how Marketers are using Location data

1. Path to mobile maturity: When it
comes to how marketers and
agencies feel about their mobile
efforts overall – outside of just
location-based advertising -- the
majority feel they are doing a good
job. There’s also a strong correlation
between investment and experience
in mobile, with those who invest
more showing the most confidence
and having the most experience.

2. Location at the core of mobile:
Location data is overwhelmingly
seen as a key component of mobile
advertising, especially by marketers
who have reached a higher level of
mobile maturity.

3. Beyond targeting: Although
targeting is location data’s key
application, marketers also use it
for insights, measurement and

4. Key applications: Real-time
location-based advertising, location enhanced
creative and proximity targeting are 
widely used and seen as valuable; 
beacons, footfall and tactics that use 
geo-fencing don’t rate as high.

5. Way forward: Despite some
concerns about location data’s
accuracy and transparency,
marketers are convinced about the
role of location data and are looking
to expand its application.

6. Not always seeing eye-to-eye:
Brands and agencies differ
somewhat in their views toward
mobile’s importance and location





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