Making Heroes

Some of you have been lucky (antagonized?) by my rants about making your Partners heroes.

This is how the conversation goes when I talk to owners of niche marketing agencies - Webdev, design, Mgmt Consultants, advertising, PR, SEO, research, trade show booths, etc...

1) How is business with your most trusted client, good ol' Fred?

2) They complains about random reactionary PROJECT work and shaving margins.

3) But they say that they have loved Fred('s money) for years... they are tight... and have deep cocktail conversations where they both say:
          "... what this industry needs is X...
           ... we could A and B if we only had C ...
           ... why are we waiting? ...
           .... Let's blow the lid of the industry with ... whatever!"

These dreams can be realized...  I make them HEROES with good ol' Fred by filling in these needs with fast, experienced, and flexible teams of tech strategists, developers, and engineers!

Creative Chaos partners with agencies to help them boost tech capabilities and increase revenue from their best clients and biggest prospects.

Go Ahead, Promise.

In the Digital Transformation business for 16 years, our 300+ engineers worlwide have been helping Marcom Agencies, Fortune 100s and Startups with custom software design and development ...UX and complex system integration ... mostly the hard stuff.

We enable our Agency partners to outperform the competition and stay ahead of the innovation curve.

Let's talk about your problems becoming your opportunities.

Let's talk about Heroes.


David Cutler
Managing Director

This post was inspired by David Bowie's Producer Tony Visconti sharing stories about the making of Heroes:
- The song:
- The interview:





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