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What a great meeting this morning at the "Technology Coalition of the North Shore 2017 Launch" (details below)... 

Congratulations.... And "Wow!" 

We have three priorities:
1) Talent Pipeline 
- Better jobs for better employees. See Wired's POV
2) Business Recruitment 
- Build your biz here because of #1 and the culture of Collaboration
3) Regional Branding 
-  Invite the world for #1 and #2. See marketer's take on tech.

Analogic CEO, Dr. Fred Parks shared his goals - that the Coalition should incorporate:
A) Speed to market
B) Solve 80% of the slowdown that comes from software
c) Work with people that are curious to re-invent constantly

I am proposing that the Coalition becomes a real business with our priorities and his goals.

The product? 

An adaptable mobile platform for collaboration across organizations and their disparate tech platforms. Including:
- communication of priorities
- voting and corroboration
- biz referral opportunities
- shared calendars (across all organizations!)
- job and advisor requests 
- weather alerts, etc...

The business model includes revenue share from jobs, vendor match-making, and services. This focus will rally current companies to participate and sponsor.

We refine it here to answer the "So What?" and how. Then we $ell it to "Coalitions" elsewhere.

This could be a topic for the 2nd meeting in April.  I am ready to talk about this sooner... In honor of "speed to market."

As a co-founder and random volunteer (and regular instigator) at the North Shore Technology Council - - I look forward to growing this business to accomplish our mission around "Community and Cause." 

We have had such great success with each of the partners in the Coalition. This new more collaborative agenda will require fundamental shifts in our mutual process and more compelling "modern business model" momentum.

Think wider partnership resources and deeper technology promises... We are the North Shore of America!


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The official Mission of the Coalition:

Our mission is to spotlight, strengthen and grow the technology cluster and resources to support technology companies and jobs on the North Shore. The coalition will provide complementary resources to support start up and growing technology companies through coordinated and collaborative planning, programming, talent pipeline development, regional branding, business recruitment and advocacy for Technology on the North Shore.

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