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Data Revolution Upends Madison Avenue     

Advertising’s ‘Mad Men’ Bristle at the Digital Revolution. 

To hang on to big clients, Publicis Groupe is trying to force old-school ‘creatives’ to work more closely with new technology hires! 


- debates erupted over the meaning of such basic terms as “data” and “content,” 

- creatives have complained about engineers interfering with carefully honed client pitches.

- “We have to find the right alchemy between creativity and technology, and that’s both difficult and tiresome,” Mr. Sadoun says.

- Clients are pressuring ad firms to embrace technological change. 

- “We keep saying our clients need to transform digitally,” Mr. Sadoun explains. “It was time we did it ourselves.”

- The budget, he said, was being redirected to help fund the algorithm project, which was code-named Marcel and expected to cost tens of millions of dollars.... woo Andrew Swinand, a former Publicis executive and the founder of a startup incubator

(Your own "Swinand" will need our help)

Also - Nice line from a Commentors link... that requires deeper, custom tech: 

Overall, we're at a point where the old communications creative development process based on an insight-based communications strategy and a consequently singular creative point of view is being replaced by an iterative, digital-centred, multi-touchpoint customer journey based experience design process informed by real-time data about the marketplace performance of each component of the end-to-end customer journey... of which communications is merely an aspect.

From his awesome overview:

Don't get Mad... get tech.


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