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Corporate strategic thinkers now have a platform for research and visibility dashboards with

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Ultimately we want to be the platform for strategic thinkers. And strategic thinkers, right now, in a very narrow sense encompasses corporate strategy and investors, but really its executives. It is any type business leader who thinks about problems beyond the day to day. Anyone who’s thinking about their market, who’s thinking about their competitors should be using our data. Our vision is to be the search engine for business.

Nevin Raj: I'm the co-founder and Chief Data Officer of Grata Data. We are a platform for corporate strategy. Our platform tracks and monitors corporate strategies by reading and reporting on strategies and online documents. We use machine learning to automatically read and process millions of documents.  From those, we are able to extract what a company is doing before it hits the news, before it hits the market. 
Emma Wright: What kind of sources do you pull from?
NR: We pull from a lot of different sources. Anything from websites, to patents, job postings, blogs, white papers, and conference proceedings. It really varies by market, we pull regulatory filings as well. The universal thread that we analyze is text. So anywhere where there is written text, our systems process and analyze it.  

To reference an oldie... This is a jackhammer for the gold miners.

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