Blah, Blah, . . . Then Blah!

Note to CEOs: 3 levels of "talking" is required before a successful tech development (i.e mobile app, new product site, enterprise fix, etc) results in growth of your asset value and delivers net new revenue.

The 3 Blahs spell ACT ... because that's the message!

Blah #1 - A - Acknowledge

You have been listening and talking with your team about your customers asking for more... about competitors freaking you out... about your options being expensive and endless.

Blah #2 - C - Commit

You have decided to invest in your future with a budget and a "safe container" to protect a dedicated team from the cynical "white blood cells" around your organization. You are encouraging these RIGHT people to develop clear goals and innovate with enthusiasm (while honoring those clear goals). They have been researching market opportunities, business models, creating mockups, and talking to customers (a lot).

Blah #3 - T - Test

Now it is time to take action and build stuff in the market for real customers (not just focus groups and mockups) with software specialists that love what you have been blah blahing about.

Learning is a bitch because innovation comes from iteration ... and that means building through lots of wins and losses along the bumpy road to an optimized product that is FINALLY working, adding value, and generating the results you want... usually net new revenue.

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