CIC - Be Curious

Hey Dougan - 3 things from our 3 minutes (shared here to demonstrate the vibe):

1) The brand... "CIC - Be Curious"

- Thru events and personal sessions. honor the FEELING that current tenants are here for a common reason - to increase their chances of succeeding.

- We are curious about better options found in the "density." We raise our hands for help. We help because givers gain.

- In a slightly elitist vibe... be here take advantage of the density... or don't ... give your spot to someone who will. (See? I See)

2) CLs are your most powerful differentiator... when these awesome people start actively looking for ways to facilitate business solutions for tenants, the density will be delivered and your reputation will flourish.

3) Gather the best CLs and the most zealous connectors and collaborate on ways to harness their ability to help without harassing

Coffee time?


David Cutler
Managing Director at Creative Chaos



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