When Google Talks... TensorFlows

It's time to learn how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are changing your market and day-to-day work world.

Google has made their TensorFlow Library the center of the action... that developers and engineers take.

More efficiency through automation is part of the goal... but we are now designing businesses and economies around scalable models that simultaneously feed experimentation and discovery ... and even more automated efficiency.

But, for right now, let's not dwell on how this inevitable shift is causing havoc in our workforce...

The Verge says:

"...skip the task of building your own AI algorithms all together, you can buy off-the-shelf components from Google for core tasks like speech transcription and object recognition."

Here is a list of Google's AI services:

·  The Cloud Machine Learning Engine which lets you easily build and train your Tensorflow models in the Google cloud.
·  The Cloud Natural Language API, which gives customers access to Google's powerful NLP capabilities.
·  The Cloud Video Intelligence API which makes video searchable by annotating frames allowing you to identify entities and activities.
·  The Cloud Speech API which offers a speech transcription API.

·  A new Cloud Jobs API that uses machine learning to match potential employees with jobs

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