I Figured "It" Out

I figured it out... Just Do It. (thanks Nike and W&K's dark influence in 1988).

Yeah, there is a stoner rabbit hole about choosing which "it"... but this is about the work promises we make.

So, I am referring to my vocation - fostering business growth around this Internet thing (that was just a wee byte about the same time that Nike slogan was born)... it's all about building and delivering MVPs into the market to tweak and grow. Really. This is the focus that everything falls behind... fear, greed, and inertia be damned!

That's Dad, me, and Kate doing it. Our living and learning followed along.

So, a philosophy, an attitude, a movement:

Doing Surrounded By Thinking

Make a plan...
Do more
Make a better plan

We learn from actions and reactions

If you agree that our responsibility is to persistently improve, then we are talking about optimizing performance … confidence… and pride

ThiDOnk (a silly word) is DOing sourrounded by THINKing...

  • Innovators must validate their vision by taking an MVP to the real market
  • Learn from mistakes as much as successes. Believe the equality of both

Anne just sent me a TedTalk that defines what she has been trying to get me to understand since we met… open mind-set, asking questions, post-game analysis, and as much empathy as I can attempt.

Eduardo nails these and more at:


His last line:
Real confidence is about modeling ongoing learning. What if, instead of spending our lives doing, doing, doing, performing, performing, performing, we spent more time exploring, asking, listening, experimenting, reflecting, striving and becoming? What if we each always had something we were working to improve? What if we created more low-stakes islands and waters? And what if we got clear, within ourselves and with our teammates, about when we seek to learn and when we seek to perform, so that our efforts can become more consequential, our improvement never-ending and our best even better?


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