6.8 Billion Webs

Everyone designs their own custom version of the Internet.

6.8 billion smartphones are both controller and trigger.

How are you making it easier for your customers (and, of course, employees, partners, and prospects) EASIER to personalize and filter their optimal experiences... That include you... Only where THEY want you...?

Voice (and gesture) capabilities are a far better way to direct your tech. Just sa, "OK Google, buy one more Aexa Echo for yet another room in my house."

Audio interactions are getting better around customer service calls with awesome voice assistance thru platforms like... Well-named [www.interactions.com]

But text is so very now... So, ChatBots are being incorporated into messaging apps sessions to automatically "decision-tree" towards preferences. This Artificial Intelligence makes it EASIER to eliminate... er, repurpose call-centers

Businesses and brands are looking to capitalize on the potential to monetize the software. BI Intelligence (below link) identifies four existing models that can be successfully tailored for chatbots. These models include:
- Bots-as-a-Service
- native content
-affiliate marketing
- retail sales.

Chatbots can also provide brands with value adds, or services that don't directly generate revenue. Bots used for research, lead generation, and customer service can cut down on companies' operational costs.


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